We are all ordinary people. We all have our flaws. We all have gifts and talents, but they don't necessary place us in a special social class of our own, even if we are ministers or pastors.

In church and in worship, we are to focus on God and that our purpose is divine and to worship Him in all that we do. Our hearts must be set on the right course, it's not performance, it's not perfection it's an offering up to a mighty God. It's so easy for us to draw from our human instincts, to attack what is divine to satisfy our ego.

Worship can happen any where, the most common happens at every rock concert, focusing intently on the band and the performer on stage. This is so instinctive that the default behavior in church is commonly the same, and it's never been more important for the worship leader to strip away the knowns of humanity and status, and to focus on God. Are we submissive spirits our manipulators demonstrating a falsehood of what worship is and worrying about what others view us as. Passion for the Lord is not found on a platform.