Hillsong United

Tonight I witnessed something beautiful, God's people in worship at Hillsong United event. The evening was loud, energetic, and inspiring. Given my background, it was easy to look into the techniques. But this evening was unscripted and hard to describe. There were several times where the people in the house broke out into song and the band and worship team complemented it. What makes this so unique is that the songs being sung were mostly created by the team on the platform. There was a peace in the playing that you could tell that was in faith trusting God to lead the way. The worship leaders led us in worship, they didn't just sing, and in many instances they didn't need to. You couldn't help but notice the faces all around, not only were we surrounded by a younger generation, but one that was hungry to worship. God was at work!

There's nothing like the power in a movement. People want to be involved with a movement, especially one with a deep and meaningful purpose - one that has a point. There's a younger generation out there leading the way forward, can you see it, can you sense it? If you look carefully, you'll see the remarkable and the divine, led by ordinary people who have a God-given passion.

There's a movement going on all across the globe, even though it may look and sound differently than what it did a dozen years ago.

The church has never seen days like this before, we, have not lived these days before.

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Hillsong United
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