A little while ago a simple book stood out to me, "The Fred Factor." This book is a light read, but packed with lots of good stuff. Since I'm in the communications/marketing world, I'm commonly looking for ways to move projects beyond just regular promotion to those that have a value-added component to them. Value isn't just about what we produce, but how we can exhibit it on a personal level, one-on-one with those around us. Living on autopilot is dangerous, we should reinvent ourselves regularly.

So many of us do things because of what we get out of it, here's an excerpt from the book:

If you expect praise and recognition, it will seldom come. Life has demonstrated repeatedly that if your motive for doing something is to receive thanks or praise, you'll often be disappointed. Go about doing the right thing, knowing that the doing is its own reward, you'll be fulfilled whether or not you get recognition from others.

To make a difference you should:

1. Identify when you'll make a difference
2. Target the people to whom you'll make a difference
3. Be the difference

Share with your fellow team member that they can make a difference. Remind them to make an important contribution or have the ability to do so. Tell your team what kind of difference they are making. Be specific. Be sure that positive feedback about their efforts is a rule, and not the exception. Intention without action is only a dream.

Go spread Fred. I believe this book will serve as a catalyst to help you to be more at peace with yourself and what you do, but also add value to someone's life. This is certainly important for those that are in the ministry.

Ps. Check out the Seven Bs of Relationship Building...good insight.