Five Temptations

Ever since my college days, I have been unable to shake myself from thoughts of leadership. While my original fascination began with observing and dissecting Fortune 500 titans, it has evolved to a continual study of all different levels, in all types of organizations, regardless of size. Wherever there is a successful organization, there is a good and well functioning leadership team at its core.

While my scope may be limited, I am continually amazed to hear about organizations that are dying from the inside. As I inquire, the more I discover the lack of leadership at the highest of all levels. If the "CEO" acquired the position by luck, potential or simply by rising to the level of his or her incompetence, and does not know what to do to lead an organization, how can everyone else in the organization be on mission and be successful? Take a look around in society, we have leadership voids everywhere.

As I travelled to Boston today, I read an insightful book that can serve as a great tool for leaders to identify what they can do different, by how they can be different. "The Five Temptations of a CEO," written by Patrick Lencioni, outlines 5 easily teachable concepts. Warning: this does require some self-analysis!

Read the book, and let me know what you think.